Minutes of the first meeting of The Village Hall committee in 1957

This meeting started the process of buying the building

which they then went on to convert for use as a Village Hall.
In 1873 a Village School was opened (the present Village Hall building)
 to replace an earlier school housed in Pyramid House on The Green

In 1957 a new Primary School was opened in Brecksfield and the old school building became redundant..

A group of villagers negotiated the purchase of the building from the Diocese of Cleveland in 1959 for £625. Repairs and refurbishments were then carried out for a further £1475 to create a Village Hall

A Charitable Trust was formed to hold the property and to operate it for the benefit of the residents of Skelton.
Today’s Village Hall Management Committee comprises Trustees who represent organisations which use the Hall, plus a number of Independent Trustees.

The Title to the Hall is vested in Skelton Parish Council which acts as Custodian Trustee

The job of the Management Committee – which is elected annually at an Annual General Meeting –
is to look after the Hall, ensure it meets the needs of Skelton, and to raise sufficient income to cover running costs and necessary refurbishments.